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Personal Consumption Expenditure in the US is still
by far the largest motor in the World Economy.

US Consumer Demand Indicies is the leading indicator for this motor!

Next publication date is December 16 2015
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Posted February 25 2015 by Jorn Thulstrup

US Consumer Confidence Declines

US ConsumerConfidence Declines

The ConsumerConfidence Index from The Conference Board, which had increased in January declinedin February. The index now stands at 96.4 down from 103.8 in January. The PressRelease from The Conference Board, released 24 February 2015, confirms the negativetrend in our US Consumer Demand Index published 17 December 2014.  

Posted December 17 2014 by Jorn Thulstrup

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Posted November 13 2014 by Jorn Thulstrup

North America Economic Climate ahead of Europe and Asia

The German IFO Institute today published its index for the world economy with the headline: Ifo World Economic Climate Clouds Over Heavily. North America Economic Climate however is still ahead of Europe and Asia and remains way above its 15 year average. The US dollar is expected to appreciate further.

The Ifo Index fell to 95.0 points from 105.0 points in the previous quarter, reaching its lowest level since the third quarter of 2013. It is now below its long-term average of 95.5 points. Assessments of the current economic situation deteriorated only slightly. Economic expectations, however, were strongly downwardly revised. The upswing in the world economy is suffering a setback.
The Ifo Business-Cycle Clock however is still in the recovery/upswing section - so don't panic!
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